“Engineering Value Together”

There’s so much we’d like to tell you, but let’s keep it simple.

ABN has been built – from the ground up – to make life easier for our clients. We transform sites into safe, efficient, risk-mitigated working areas. Our aim is to help you to win more work, minimise costs and timeframes, and produce long-term competitive advantages.

We’ve had enough of the poorly conceived and cost-prohibitive scaffold designs that are common in this industry. ABN design is not just a great drawing, but a complete solution that works as well on site as it does on paper.

We want to deliver better scaffolding solutions by “Engineering Value Together“.


ABN Scaffold Design provides bespoke scaffold design, drawings and calculations with fast turnaround all as per BS EN 12811(For Scaffolding Design) BS EN 1808:2015(For Suspended Access Equipment’s) & all legal UAE Standards.

We are expert in providing scaffold designs at high standards with clear scaffolding terminology and sleek aesthetic look. Being professional in this field, we aim to be the best of the best.

Before any physical work commences, every aspect of a job needs to be intricately planned. This is where years of experience, technical know-how and strategic thinking will be implemented before commencement of any project.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we engage specialists to design and calculate your project from the ground up. This allows us to plot every element, responding to the surroundings, specific requirements and potential scenarios that would require alterations. By analysing the data and calculating the process from start to finish, we can present our customers with a course of action that is equal parts safe, convenient, affordable and efficient.